Our Story




Shaneese Lowery Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of She Is Valicious, was born in Raleigh, North Carolina from there she grew up as a military brat. Fast forward, after the birth of her daughter, she decided to change her life. “I realized I didn’t want to continue working in the corporate world. I just knew I wanted more especially after becoming a mother,” said Lowery.

She chose to put action behind her decision and create She Is Valicious in 2013. She began her journey of entrepreneurship after researching, studying jewelry products, connecting with different vendors, and testing out the items. Lowery knew that she wanted to empower women and this accessory boutique represents that! Her elegant accessories provide women with the confidence to stand out and own any room they walk into. 

The mission of this organization is to motivate women to feel fabulous and to cultivate the individual within. Her fashion line is one that represents exquisite taste, highlighting how one accessory can transform your persona entirely. The accessories are daring, luxurious, and dazzling! This plays a huge role in complimenting a woman’s boldness and fearlessness. Lowery provides fashion for the woman that is unafraid to take risks. It is all about having faith in oneself and your ability to exuberate appeal to others.


She is aware that jewelry is essential to any fashion ensemble that you put together. Because of this, she provides a variety of matching sets. The designs are very detailed and intricate. There is a jewelry statement piece available for each season of the year!

This head-turning, confidence boosting, self-advocating line is sure to add a spark to your everyday wear. 

Lowery mentioned that her motivation comes from wanting to serve others. This is apparent as she supports and inspires women to be set apart through her signature line. “I want to empower the inner beauty and confidence that you can be fabulous just the way you are,” she said.


Credit: Interview by Venecia Tierra